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1. Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

"The Cobham Avorians Cricket Club Academy's aim is to provide cricket for the wider community giving equal opportunities to all who want to play regardless of age, race, sex, religion or ability. We aim to provide the best available coaching and practice for all and encourage the best standards of behaviour and sportsmanship. In our desire to compete, we shall not only uphold the traditional values of cricket but also embrace the spirit of the game, while building sporting relationships with other clubs and drawing on the whole-life enjoyment of playing together as a team."
We will achieve this by: ##Ensuring that all members have the opportunity to play in competitive and friendly matches, thus learning the art of sportsmanship, as well as testing their skills against their peers from other clubs.

##Teaching our members about the spirit in which cricket is played as well as the techniques of the game.

##Providing high quality practice facilities upon which members new to the game can learn the techniques and experienced members can hone their skills.

##Delivering high quality coaching on a consistent basis to all academy members, regardless of ability.

##Ensuring that all ability groups have a coaching plan and, as ability develops, members have the opportunity to test their ability in higher groups.

##Ensuring that all potential members are encouraged to join, by us removing all the barriers that we can to encourage maximum participation and ensuring that existing members welcome new members fully into the club.

##Providing a safe and secure environment in which members can both play and learn cricket and have fun, whilst mixing in a new and diverse environment.

##Cricket is more than just a game. We believe that the phrase “it's not cricket” empowers those of us who teach the game to stress the values of fairness, competition, inclusiveness, good sportsmanship and life long friendship that the game can bring. We want our members to take pride in winning, but also to recognise and applaud the victors when they have been beaten. We want our members to celebrate each others' successes but also be supportive when others fail. In this way, we will teach our members not only cricket, but also skills that will serve them well throughout their life. This is why Cricket is more than just a game.

When we have achieved this on an ongoing basis – we will have achieved the mission of the Cobham Avorians Cricket Academy.