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The 200 Club is an opportunity for the club to raise all-important funding; aside from the money paid out for the winners all other monies raised are invested back into your cricket club!

As you can see in the table to the right, the 200Club has funded the purchase of many items to help improve the facilities for all at the club.

The benefits to you as a participant are a) that 50% of the money collected each month is distributed back to 200Club members by way of monthly prize draws, and b) you can sleep well at night, safe in the knowledge that you are contributing to the continued well-being of the greatest cricket club on Earth!

Entry to the Avorians 200Club costs just £5.00 per month. Payment options are cash or cheque in advance, e.g. £60 for 12 months, or, preferably, by Standing Order, direct from your bank account.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are happy to announce that 200 Club draws will, from February 2014, result in 2 prizes being awarded. 1st prize wins £100 and 2nd prize wins £50.

New members are always welcome! All enquiries should be sent to: 200club@avorianscc.co.uk